Monster toilet paper rolls

So the girls got together again and we did another art project with more toilet paper rolls. Thanks to my mother in law who saved me a bunch of toilet paper rolls from the Chinese Firecracker project. I didn’t want to throw them out so we made monster!!!

This time, I bought acrylic paint which worked a lot better. I found old t-shirts and used them as smocks for the girls.

Monster Toilet Paper Rolls Painting

Of course we painted over them and I drew the monsters. But the girls had so much fun getting their hands dirty and picking colors to paint.

Monster Toilet Paper Rolls

Stay tune to see what we are going to use them for…


Halloween Costume


This year we decided (okay I decided) that we are going to be Mario and Luigi and our little girl is going to be Peach.


  • Red and Green Hats (Kmart $5)
  • White, Black and Yellow Felt (Michaels Craft $2)
  • Turquoise sticker jewel (Michaels Craft $1)
  • Blue Suspenders (Kmart $16)
  • White Gloves (Dollar Store $2)
  • Red and Green Long sleeve shirts (which we had)
  • Pink Dress (we used an old Tinkerbell dress – no one noticed the wings)


Total Cost: $26 for all three costumes! cha-ching!!!

Cut the white felt and used glue gun to get it on the hat. Cut the black felt and used double sided tape (lasted on our upper lip for a couple of hours!) Sewed the yellow felt on the dress and added the turquoise jewel sticker.



Any questions? Feel free to contact me