How to save money on diapers and wipes

What’s a good price on diapers and wipes? Well after two years of buying diapers and wipes, I have found out when to stock up and what price to buy them at.

Before you read any further, this is for people who are not picky with their diapers. Luckily my baby is not sensitive to any brand so I don’t discriminate. If you’re particular in a brand, then the price might vary.

So what is a good price for diapers?

From experience, my buy price for diapers is $0.11 per diapers. When I do the math and it’s close to this number then I stock up. No matter what store you buy it from you can always use the formula to do the calculation.

Package price divided by the amount of diapers in the package = $ per diaper

Remember: prices vary from size to size. But my rule: if it’s more than $0.15 per diapers regardless of the size then I don’t buy unless I’m desperate.

How do I get diapers for that cheap?

Be a look out for sales. Check out sites like or Print out diaper coupons on Register your store cards to use digital coupons on top of your manufacturer coupons. Use points, ECB (extra care bucks from CVS), or gift cards deals (usually target has these deals).

In short, be a smart shopper and use all your resources to get that price down.

Side note: maybe think about cloth diapers?

So what is a good price for wipes?

My buy price for wipes is $0.01 per wipes.

Package price divided by number of wipes = $ per wipes.

I usually stock up when I get to this number. And same thing with the diapers, I don’t discriminate on the brand. Usually I get Huggies and pampers at this price. Also use your coupons and all your other resources to get that price down.

Side note: maybe make your own wipes?

NEVER buy without a coupon. You will never get it down to these prices if you don’t use any coupons.

Happy Shopping!!