Reduce Carbon Footprint


Goal for 2017 to reduce my Carbon footprint.

  1. Keep a bucket in the tub – I started to keep a 2.5 gallon bucket in the tub to collect water. Sometimes I turn on the water and it takes awhile for that right water temperature. In the meantime, my bucket is collecting my clean water. Then I use that to either flush the toilet or water my plants.
  2. No more straws – I never realized how much of a waste they are. You use them one time then throw them out. I read somewhere that there are 500 million straws used and thrown daily!!! That’s crazy… my goal for this year… no more straws!!
  3. Use stainless steel water bottles – I don’t know why I feel so guilty drinking from a plastic water bottle. To make myself feel better I’m going to try to use stainless steel water bottles to reduce plastic waste…
  4. No more plastic bags or paper bags – I have been carrying a small book bag everywhere I go. It’s just convenient for me. Along with my water bottle, I also have a reusable bag in case I stop by a store. I try to use the canvas bags when I do my groceries and opt not to get the paper bags when I do go shopping. I just put the items in my bag. Is that weird?
  5. Reuse plastic bags – there are moments where I forget my canvas bag and I have to use plastic bags. This is when I use them for garbage bags. See my garbage bag hacks.
  6. Grow a garden – this would be my third year growing a garden and I hope for it to be successful. It’s winter right now so I’m just collecting eggshells and ground coffee and mixing them in the soil for when I start my garden season.
  7. Compost – My husband bought me a vermicompost last Valentine’s day.. I know so sweet!! And it was a disaster!! I had worms coming out in the dining room. I still have to revisit that idea and figure out what I did wrong but for now I have to figure out how to compost in a small scale.
  8. Bring my own lunch and utensils – I wish my work cafeteria used real plates and utensils. Instead they have plastic everywhere. I try to bring my own lunch in a glass container and bring my own utensils. Not only do I feel better eating with a real spoon and fork but I just save one extra garbage.
  9. Recycle cards –  Christmas cards.. birthday cards.. yes they’re nice but it’s such a waste!! I’m more of a “make me a card” type of girl. I try to save cards and reuse them.. btw did u know St Jude recycle your used greeting cards and creates new holiday cards? Then they are sold to support their programs.
  10. Reuse and re-purposed – as much as possible, I don’t buy anything new. There are online garage sales and you would be surprised to find things in good condition and are way cheaper. I try to re-purpose things that I have in the house. I know I’m a semi Hoarder myself but my goal this year is to try not to hold on things. Wish me luck.

What’s your goal to reduce carbon footprint?

One side note: I’m not a writer. My grammar is not the best. If you find something wrong on my page don’t be mean and just kindly send me an email. If you want more information on this project Contact Me.


5 thoughts on “Reduce Carbon Footprint

  1. I’m going to put more effort this year also by doing #2,3,5,8,9! FYI, if you don’t want to reuse plastic bags, Shoprite Grocery stores have bins in the front of the stores to drop off used plastic bags.


  2. I have a reuseable water bottle that I bring to work. I’m also going to start a mini garden this coming summer. I hope it’ll be good.


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