Halloween Costume


This year we decided (okay I decided) that we are going to be Mario and Luigi and our little girl is going to be Peach.


  • Red and Green Hats (Kmart $5)
  • White, Black and Yellow Felt (Michaels Craft $2)
  • Turquoise sticker jewel (Michaels Craft $1)
  • Blue Suspenders (Kmart $16)
  • White Gloves (Dollar Store $2)
  • Red and Green Long sleeve shirts (which we had)
  • Pink Dress (we used an old Tinkerbell dress – no one noticed the wings)


Total Cost: $26 for all three costumes! cha-ching!!!

Cut the white felt and used glue gun to get it on the hat. Cut the black felt and used double sided tape (lasted on our upper lip for a couple of hours!) Sewed the yellow felt on the dress and added the turquoise jewel sticker.



Any questions? Feel free to contact me

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